Anti-Trip Support Blocks & Forks



Our anti trip support blocks & forks are a standard inclusion in our temporary fence hire range.

Weighing 30kg with sides sloped at 60 degrees to reduce the occurrence of tripping when placed near to heavy pedestrian traffic our support blocks & forks work perfectly with every fence hire.

The ‘Hand hole’ at each end of the support block facilitates easy lifting and combined with a rectangular/oval insert making your temporary fencing setup a breeze:

  • This means the heavy block does not need to be precisely placed when installing the fence.
  • Makes it possible to adjust blocks after the fence is erected without having to lift the fence.
  • It’s easier to ‘break’ the fence line for machinery access etc, and
  • It’s also possible to add a third panel as a branch where subdivision is desired.

Our team at Superfence have a solution to your portable fence hire needs, just give us a call today.