The Temporary Fencing Hire Company that Provides Temporary solutions

SuperFence is your first choice when it comes to providing control for your event or providing security and safety measures to your worksite.

SuperFence delivers complete temporary fencing hire solutions. Whether your need is for commercial worksites, construction projects, concerts, sporting events, weddings, festivals or more.

We have been in the business of providing high strength temporary fence panels and accessories designed to provide security for more than 20 years. Our claim to success is backed by the huge number of customer testimonials we have received over the years and the trust that our customers have in us.

Superloo also offers portable toilets and gantry bins as an added service in conjunction with our temp fencing provided by Superfence. By covering all aspects of your event or construction project (comfort, security and hygiene), we are market leaders and the go-to company providing a complete one-stop shop for all your needs.

Why Use Temporary Fencing For Your Construction Site Or Event?

Temporary fencing is a requirement on all residential, commercial and Industrial work sites.

Permanent fence structures are not the solution or cost effective for your business. Just think about the time and effort for your team to erect before starting work and then dismantle.

Temporary fences are light and easy to transport. Once set in place, they can act like permanent structures until your project is done and we can basically tear them down and move them to the next project where they are required.

Our temporary site fencing is strong and can further be strengthened/ improved by using additional accessories we also provide, for example, protection from wind.

It is also an easy way to partition worksites as well as control access to a job site. Raise the productivity of your team by using temporary solutions and improve the safety standards of their work area.

More and more events are also making use of temporary fencing and we are happy to assist and advise. Our temporary fencing solutions have been featured in many big events held all over New Zealand and we provide services from our locations in the Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington and the Christchurch areas.

If the need is for weddings or special occasions where partitioning off areas are important please do not hesitate to ask us for advice.

To find out more about the temporary fencing solutions best suited for your work site, event or wedding, check out our product range.

Temporary Fence Hires

Superfence high-security fence hire panels are commonly installed at:

  • Major construction sites
  • House build sites
  • Deep excavation sites.
  • Electrical Installations.
  • Events or sites requiring additional security.

We have a long history of providing effective fence solutions and service for these common projects and events, and other situations, with over 20 years experience to back that claim.

There is no assignment too big or too small for us.

And more importantly: We listen to our customers and provide only what they need.

In the case of our temporary hires listed above, below we have a brief explanation of what or why you should have a temporary fence installed onsite, to ensure the comfort of your guests, attendees or workers.

For Major Construction Sites

For major construction sites, the number of people operating within the area and the presence of heavy machinery can result in the perfect formula for disaster. We remove the likelihood of such an event happening within your construction site.

By cordoning specific areas off, you improve the safety levels of your site without hampering your productivity.

Fences installed for these situations also provide added security and control.

For Deep Excavation Sites

Deep excavation sites are treated with the same level of care as that of major construction sites. Deep excavation sites involve people and heavy machinery operating in the same space.

To minimise work-related accidents, our temporary fences effectively cordon hazardous areas and protect your staff and contractors.

For Electrical Installations

Often overlooked, installations and operations involving electricity can be deadly. To ensure everyone’s safety, proper cordoning off methods, using our temporary fence solutions reduce the risk of accidental electrocution.

In consultation with your team we will ensure the correct processes and procedures are followed before placing our fences to reduce the risk of accidental electrocution.

For House Build Sites

House builds are generally smaller in scale than major construction sites. This does not mean you can be any the less security conscious.

The need to increase the safety levels of your house build sites, especially with the presence of family members involved, is imperative.

While the fencing provided may be smaller in scale in terms of numbers the protection provided is no different to that of other applications like major construction sites and huge events.

Our temporary fences keep everyone safe during the course of the build, and that’s important.

For Events or sites requiring additional security

Our temporary fencing solutions are also used for events and other sites needing additional security. We have featured in hundreds of events, weddings, and other special functions and we are the market leader.

Our temporary fencing solutions come in all forms and sizes designed to fit your event as best as possible.

Our temporary fences, are strong and we also provide blocks and stays for added stability to suit all requirements.

We have a massive portfolio of clients, including NZ transport agency, where our fences span the the large Transmission Gully Motorway project and we are also their supplier for portaloos. We’ve also been featured in athletic, musical and annual events.

The Equipment


All our temporary fence panels form a 2.1-metre high and 2.4-metre wide barrier to protect and secure your site and, once setup are clamped together for extra rigidity.

Our panels are made according to the industry standards to ensure the highest level of security.

Temporary Fencing Hire
tempory fencing

90° Stay

Whilst all of our temporary hire fencing is supplied with sturdy blocks there may be a need to add additional support and we have a range of options available for your needs.

Additional stays can be supplied for situations requiring extra bracing, such as in very long straight runs, wind conditions and uneven ground etc.

Our 90 degree stays ensure your panels stay safe and in place.

We can install these extra stays quickly according to the requirements.


Anti-trip support blocks

Weighing 30kg with sides sloped at 60 degrees to reduce the occurrence of tripping when placed near heavy pedestrian traffic our support blocks work perfectly with every fence hire.

The ‘Hand hole’ at each end of the support block facilitates easy lifting and combined with a rectangular/oval insert makes setting up our temporary fencing very easy.



  • The heavy block does not need to be precisely placed when installing the fence.
  • It is possible to adjust blocks after the fence is erected without having to lift the fence.
  • It is easier to ‘break’ the fence line for machinery access etc
  • It is possible to add a third panel where a subdivision is desired.
temporary site fencing
temporary fencing nz

Third Panel Subdivide

Want to segregate an area? Third panel subdivide panels and feet can be added to your order to create separate spaces on your site. By doing this, you increase the number of efficient spaces within your site. This also increases productivity while reducing the likelihood of accidents.